21 Swings

Two is better than one

21 Swings Image21 Swings Image21 Swings Image

We’ve written about the benefits of swings before and we’ll happily write about them again. 21 Swings isn’t as straightforward as it sounds – yes, there are 21 swings but they’re also musical. We know, right? When in motion each swing triggers different notes, and when used simultaneously the swings create a musical composition in which melodies emerge through cooperation.

21 Swings is a wonderful project by interaction design studio Daily tous les jours, who focus on the art of participation and believe more can be achieved together than alone. Every spring this interactive installation takes over a high-traffic area in Montreal, with the sole purpose of creating a communal space where anyone, of any age and background, can go hang out. The tunes produced are really quite relaxing and we can imagine wanting to swing all day long. We just need a partner in chime…


Water you drinking?


Say goodbye to pesky plastic bottles and hello to the Therm-O Terra – a double walled glass beauty you’ll want to use time and time again. Made from food grade, lead free and BPA free materials, this reusable creation is the perfect alternative to the disposable plastic bottles that we see littered about. With a removable stainless steel tea strainer, the Terra might just be the best way to carry our most consumed beverages.

These nifty numbers are designed by Aquaovo – a Canadian company who specialise in everything from filters and carafes to dispensers and bottles. The company’s desire to protect you and the environment from any nasties is admirable, and we can’t wait to see what else they float our way.

Pelle Soap Stones

You better soap up

Pelle Soap Stones ImagePelle Soap Stones ImagePelle Soap Stones Image

Here at .W we’re big fans of soap and of hygiene in general, and we really hope you are too. That’s why we’re so excited to come across some new soapsmiths who make us want to get dirty just so we can get clean again. PELLE make and cut their Soap Stones by hand in their Brooklyn studio. Using nothing but all-natural, vegetable-based ingredients, PELLE stones are jampacked with essential oils like eucalyptus and camphor.

The fine people behind these pristine gems is designer couple, Jean and Oliver Pelle. Their designs are so easy on the eye you kind of want them to be edible, but it’s probably not a good idea to start snacking on suds. Boasting seven colour/scent combos, like cedarwood, grapefruit and lemon basil, the complete collection is seriously delicious. What’s really refreshing about PELLE is they also sell seconds that didn’t make the first cut, so there’s no waste – earning themselves a five-star hygiene rating from us.

Bee One Third

Uh-huh honey

Bee One Third ImageBee One Third ImageBee One Third ImageBee One Third Image

We don’t want to harp on about it, but bees are pretty damn important. They pollinate over one third of the global food supply. So when we hear about local beekeepers spreading the honey love in their neighbourhoods, we like to sing their praises. Affectionately named after the aforementioned benefit, Bee One Third are pioneering urban beekeeping in Brisbane by installing hives on rooftops, in backyards and community spaces, then taking care of all the upkeep.

As well as helping produce nectar, Bee One Third also run workshops – to spread the word about how important the honey bee is and why we need to be more proactive about sustaining production. And environmentally-minded businesses around the city are already advocating the impressive initiative by stocking Bee One Third to sell in-store or including the honey in their dishes. How sweet is that.


Unpack the picnic

Kumeko ImageKumeko ImageKumeko Image

Picnic mats seem to forever be that one item you forget to bring to your park, beach or outdoor adventure. Well, not anymore – say hello to Kumeko’s bag AND picnic mat. We all know two-in-ones rule, and now you can go from comfortable picnic mat to spacious tote bag with just a fold, lift, click and fasten. Voila! You’ve got a bag and you’re good to go.

The company behind this clever combo is Kumeko. Based in Berlin, their mission is to present traditional lifestyle products in new forms, shapes and textures. Their bag/mat combo is made from 100% cotton and recycled leather, and it’s just one origami-inspired product of their Ship-Shape collection. Kumeko’s beautifully functional offerings inspire us to take a minute, relax and enjoy our surroundings – and we really can’t argue with that.